You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Be Self-Employed – But It Does Help!

I do sometimes wonder why I work all day as a domestic cleaner, then work most evenings trying to develop the humblestuff cleaning range. I must be a glutton for punishment.

This week has been particularly busy as it also coincided with the annual Scottish Album of the Year award ceremony at the old cinema venue, the ABC in Glasgow’s Sauchiehall Street. I am glad to say that Cinders made it to the ball! The venue had the biggest glitterball that I had ever seen. It was huge! The night was a celebration of the incredible musical talent that is created in Scotland. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to choose only 10 albums for the final shortlist. And what a shortlist it was this year. A worthy winner was chosen, Kathryn Joseph with her gorgeous album “Bones You Have Thrown Me And Blood I’ve Spilled”. Even Paolo Nutini commented that her album was “spellbinding work”. Praise indeed. I’m just a wee bit sad that the wonderful Happy Meals band didn’t win. However, their tuneful album “Apero” is a winner on my record player.

After all the excitement of the SAY awards, today I was cleaning for one of my wee ladies, who turned 90 earlier in the year. It’s been a busy time for her too, as she has recently moved into sheltered housing. I have been involved with the move as well, helping to pack things for the removal company as well as carrying out a deep clean on the old flat to get it ready for sale. She is settling in well to her new home, especially as she now has a lift. I take it for granted that I can walk up the stairs to her flat while carrying my “bag of tricks” and a Henry Hoover.

Some people with mobility issues have the wet room/shower room instead of a full 3 piece bathroom. I was putting the Soft Paste through it’s paces today cleaning the walk in wet room. The room has lovely white tiles, on the wall that are a breeze to clean, but the textured non-slip floor can be tricky. I decided to try the paste, using it in a solution as well as neat on the more stubborn areas on the floor. I then wiped it try, and was pleased to see that it was looking pretty good.

I left that flat looking really fresh and clean and smelling of French lavender. It’s a great feeling to know that I can play my part in helping someone retain as much independence as possible. I suppose that is the reason why I clean for a living. I make products because the idea came to me while cleaning, and the job allows me the thinking time for the ideas that I can work on when I get home. If that is madness, then lock me up!

Music & Cleaning

Music and cleaning have always gone hand in hand for me. I can clean without music, but I am so much happier when I can sing along while scrubbing. It’s true that my husband heard me long before ever set eyes on me. He was based at the Chemikal Underground “office” which was located in the flat opposite mine at the time. I wish I could say that I was young and glamorous, but that would be a lie. I worked nearby in the accounts department of a well known national car repair company, and I sported a delightful red bolero style jacket that had an image of a smiling tyre and exhaust embroidered on it. Sexy…..not!

I would finish work at 5pm, walk the short walk home to the flat and that’s when I would play music and tidy up. Probably singing along too. It was some time later before I finally met the boy that was to be my husband, and he found out that I was the girl across the landing that used to vacuum and play loud music!

Some things never change. Today I was alone at work, so had my wee DAB radio in my bag. I like to change things up a bit, so today was Clyde 2, I think it may have taken over form Gold. It plays a mixed bag of music, not contemporary “indie” music like my beloved BBC Radio 6, but good “oldies”. I was using my soft cleaning paste to clean a stainless steel sink, while singing along to “Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)” by Abba. It’s good to happy at work, and I generally am.

I find cleaning to be quite meditative, it must be the repetition of movement that allows my mind to wander and develop ideas. While cleaning today, I was thinking about all the questions people ask about the products, and it struck me that the question I am asked most about the humblestuff product range is “what can I do with the paste?”. Just about anything you want. Honestly. I cleaned a sink, microwave, cooker top & hood, oven door, bath, tiles sink today, to name but a few. Armed with the soft paste and lots of clean soft cloths, I feel that I can rise to any cleaning challenge that I am called upon to deal with.