All Paste – No Waste!

This paste is a concentrated cleaning product made from a combination of bicarbonate of soda and 100% organic Castile Soap. […]

The Northern Vegan Festival & Other Happenings

I can hardly believe that it’s nearly the end of October already! Where is the time going? As ever, it’s […]

You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Be Self-Employed – But It Does Help!

I do sometimes wonder why I work all day as a domestic cleaner, then work most evenings trying to develop […]

Music & Cleaning

Music and cleaning have always gone hand in hand for me. I can clean without music, but I am so […]

The secret life of cleaners?

I rushed home to watch the BBC 2 documentary “The Secret Life Of Cleaners”, which was shown on BBC2 on […]

My first blog

This is a bit odd. I’ve never written a blog before, not completely sure I know what I’m doing, but […]